For the Best Dad Ever

17 Jun

June 17, 2012.

The third Sunday of the month.

The day for the greatest and not-so-great fathers in the world.

I would like to seize this opportunity to let the whole world know about the BEST, GREATEST, and COOLEST father in the world – my Tatay.

My Tatay may not be THE perfect person for others, but he is more than perfect to me, to us, his family. If Jesus made the greatest sacrifice to save the humankind from our sins, my Tatay has been making sacrifices for the past decades to give me and my sisters a wonderful world to live in.🙂

Tatay did not finish his studies because he gave way for his younger brother, but he is the smartest and most dedicated person I know. Despite his lack of formal education, Tatay is still the BEST DEBATER – be it about politics, religion, sports, or petty issues. I never won a debate with Tatay, not because he is my father, but because he always has the brightest arguments and the most solid pieces of evidence. God! He knows more laws than our neighbor-lawyer does! And he learned all those not in school but through reading books and listening to people. That’s how my Tatay ROCKS!

Tatay is not a chef either, but he is the BEST COOK ever! Sometimes, I don’t want to go home to our province because I will definitely gain more weight with my father’s cooking. Aaaaah! Now, I’m hungry. Hahaha

Tatay is not Matt Monro, but he is the BEST SINGER in the world. He really sings well.🙂

Tatay is no saint, but my HANDSOME father is SIMPLY THE BEST!  Just like what I said before, we’re poor, but I and my sisters are healthy and strong because my father provides us everything, even the food he’s supposed to put in his own mouth. Oh God! Before I cry, I’ll just wrap this up. In a nutshell, my father is THE MOST AWESOME, HANDSOME, COOLEST, BRIGHTEST, and KINDEST in the world!

I love you so much TATAY! 🙂

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